Edge Compute Eco System

Telco systems thrives on end-to-end solutions. We believe in providing collaborative business atmosphere and developing a long term relationship with each partner.

World of applications

Telco systems large eco system of application providers, in multitude of domains, such as SD WAN firewall, routing , analytics, etc.. Demonstrate the maturity and versatility of the platform, across multiple vertical and use cases – to serve business customers and industrial needs. Apps can be installed as VNF or containerized application.

Work with any Chipset

Edgility operates on both ARM and Intel hardware platforms
Our Unique edge compute Edgility operating system operates on every White box that is based on Intel (x86) and ARM chipsets. Service providers can leverage this and get the freedom to use most of the available white boxes – break the vendor lock-in
Telco system is a selected partner or ARM and intel as well as additional chipset vendors like NSP and EMPIRE.

Choose any device

Telco systems is a design partner for multitude of leading HW manufacturers of White box Ucpe and edge compute devices, operating on arm/x86 platform.