How uCPE Solutions Improve the Efficiency and Velocity of Managed SD-WAN Operations

“There are major differences between service creation for enterprise, such as setting up SD-WAN, firewalls, and so on, and delivering managed SD-WAN on an ongoing basis. In both cases, the product’s features, performance, and cost structures are all important. However, for managed services, efficient product-operations are a major area to get right.” Clavem Research

The SD-WAN services market space is experiencing fast growth, with adoption by enterprises around the world. For communication services providers, this presents a compelling opportunity to deliver managed SD-WAN services to their business customers. Along with the opportunity, delivering managed SD-WAN services also poses unique challenges. For MSPs that service a diverse customer base, the managed service operation becomes a critical factor.

In their latest report “Managed SD-WAN Service Delivery: How to Achieve Operational
Efficiency and Meet Diverse Enterprise Needs – the Answer Lies in Flexible uCPE”, IT and telecommunication industry analyst firm, Clavem Research, takes a closer look at the business and operations of managed SD-WAN services. It reviews the different SD-WAN needs presented by various market segments including: banking, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

The report discusses how network disaggregation and network function virtualization can be harnessed, in the form of uCPE solution, to transform managed SD-WAN business services.

To learn more, download the report.

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