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Today’s service-enabling, high-bandwidth networks demand provisioning, monitoring, fault isolation, trouble- shooting and remote management tools that have long been deemed crucial in traditional, business-class WAN transport services. While Carrier Ethernet is being increasingly used as the unifying delivery service, increased geographic reach is far more likely to depend on multiple carriers and technologies. Multiple streams of concur- rent voice, video, data and wireless services are required to be delivered over different transport networks.
Though Carrier Ethernet is an excellent medium for service convergence and provides an effective foundation for optimizing total cost of ownership, effective management across the service delivery lifecycle can get un- wieldy, if unchecked.
Telco Systems’ T-Marc™ Ethernet Demarcation and Extension (EDE) products are intelligent and remotely managed, multi-port customer-premises equipment (CPE) that deliver managed converged services over virtual Ethernet, MPLS/VPLS and IP access networks. T-Marc allows service providers to deliver multiple services on separate customer interfaces, including multiple services over a single customer interface, thereby facilitating different business models.

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