Telco Systems concludes successful SDN NFV World Congress

Telco Systems solutions, which presented at the SDN NFV World Congress last week, received a warm welcome from existing and potential clients, service providers, analysts and journalists.

The company displayed its NFVtime open uCPE (universal customer premises equipment) software solution designed for real zero touch service deployment of SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network), vSecurity and other managed services. These solutions were showcased at the company’s booth and as part of the Arm ecosystem booth.

“The event was a great success and illustrated the fact that the NFV (network function virtualization) has crossed the chasm not only by Tier-1 companies, although there are still some questions concerning the end-to-end automation, integration and business aspects related to TCO (total cost of ownership),” said Raanan Tzemach, VP of Product, Marketing and Professional Services, at Telco Systems.

“It is clear that the industry has realized that SD-WAN remains the most attractive solution as it shifts from appliance-based deployment to be based on a uCPE approach such as NFVTime products.”

A panel dedicated to NFV revenue generation, in which Telco Systems took part, agreed that uCPE and NFV represent significant potential for service providers to generate new revenue streams and accelerate the speed of adoption. This depends mainly on VNF (virtual network function) pricing and whitebox cost/performance.

During the panel session, there were interesting discussions on the value of the Arm Edge hardware solution and how it could help create more attractive TCO, Raanan commented. “We had lot of queries following this presentation, which showed the great interest in such solution.”

During the SDN NFV World 2018, Telco Systems held live demos of NFVi-OS and uCPE MANO for Arm and Intel whitebox hardware.

NFVTime hardware agnostic uCPE solution received a warm welcome from service providers who participated in the demos to learn how it could accelerate their NFV service deployment plans and reduce deployment and operational costs.

Telco Systems NFVTime QuickDeploy offers carriers an overall bundle turn key solution for NFV deployment. The capability of NFVTime to run any VNF on any whitebox, whether on Intel x86 or Arm devices, is a key factor enabling growth in the edge, creating the opportunity for the industry to extract the maximum value of the NFV network transformation.

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