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Unlock the Power of Edge Computing

Simplify the deployment, operations, and management of complex AI and business apps, as well as network & security functions, on any compute device and ensure seamless functionality at the large scale edge.

Discover real-time data and intelligent decision-making at your fingertips. Imagine - faster response times, superior security for sensitive data, and an any-vendor approach that cuts your costs. Edgility empowers you to transform your business, one intelligent edge device at a time.

All About Edge Computing

Edge computing represents a fundamental shift in the traditional data processing model.
Imagine a distributed computing paradigm where data processing and storage capabilities reside closer to the physical location where data originates, at the very “edge” of the network. This decentralized approach starkly contrasts the centralized model, where data is funneled to massive data centers for processing, often introducing latency and inefficiencies.

The Edge Computing Challenge

Edge Computing is a game changer. It introduces numerous benefits, but also comes with its own inherent challenges. Unlike the Cloud, the Edge means LARGE SCALE, and scale means complexity:

Managing numerous distributed edge devices with limited computing power and storage capacity.
Ensuring data integrity, security, and consistency across multiple devices.
Guaranteeing robust, reliable, high-speed, low-latency network connectivity between your large-scale edge and your cloud.

Simplify Edge Management with Edgility

The award-winning Edgility platform simplifies deploying, managing, and maintaining numerous on-prem, virtualized edge devices, applications and containers, operating & security systems, across a vast geo-distributed environment. By processing data locally, on devices, or at edge servers, Edgility capitalizes on the core benefits of edge computing:

Ultra-Low Latency & High Availability

The T-Marc series of demarcation devices simplifies service delivery at customer locations.

Enhanced Bandwidth Efficiency

Minimize the volume of data that traverses your network. By processing video, sensor data, and other information locally, Edgility frees up valuable bandwidth for critical applications that rely on high-throughput data transfer.

Improved Reliability and Resilience

Maintain functionality even during network outages or connectivity disruptions. Kubernetes enhanced Edgility provides local data processing, ensuring operational continuity that minimizes downtime risks associated with centralized architectures.

Robust Security

Prioritize data security and significantly reduce the risk of data breaches. By enabling local processing, Edgility enables transferring sensitive information securely, across vast networks to centralized servers.

Process data locally for real-time insights, efficiency, and security

By processing data locally, you gain immediate visibility into your operations with real-time insights, eliminating delays and freeing up valuable bandwidth for critical applications. This enhanced network efficiency goes hand-in-hand with greater security, as you maintain complete control over sensitive data.

Edgility unlocks the full potential of edge computing

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IoT at the Edge

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionized data collection, but an overwhelming flood of information came with it. Traditional, cloud-centric architectures struggle to keep up with real-time processing demands at the network’s edge. This is where Edgility steps in, offering a paradigm shift for intelligent edge computing.

Edgility: Edge Computing Shift

Edgility isn’t just another data management platform. It’s a comprehensive suite designed to empower your edge devices and unlock their full potential. EdgilityOS, our lightweight operating system, transforms any compatible device into a powerful edge node, eliminating the need for complex configurations. Edgility Central provides a single, intuitive dashboard for complete control, monitoring, and updates of your entire edge network, making it perfect for large-scale deployments.


Built-In Security for Every Edge Operation

Security is paramount in today's connected world, and Edgility prioritizes secure edge operations from the ground up. Zero-touch provisioning ensures consistent, secure configurations across all devices, minimizing potential attack surfaces. Edgility also incorporates robust built-in security features, including encryption for data in transit and at rest, to safeguard sensitive data.

Seamless Integration, Infinite Possibilities

Vendor lock-in is a thing of the past with Edgility. Our platform boasts unmatched interoperability, seamlessly integrating with various edge devices and network vendors. This gives you ultimate flexibility in designing your IoT ecosystem and choosing the best solutions. Edgility's infrastructure is built to scale effortlessly as your needs evolve. You can effortlessly add new devices for a future-proofed edge environment, ensuring your platform adapts to your expanding needs.

Edgility's Cost-Optimizing Edge Solutions

Edgility streamlines operations and optimizes costs. Centralized control and simplified device operations lead to significant cost savings through reduced operational overhead. Edgility's intelligent data handling also minimizes bandwidth usage, reducing costs and optimizing network performance. With Edgility, move beyond data collection toward real-time insights and autonomous actions at the network edge. Edgility empowers your edge devices to deliver unparalleled intelligence and operational efficiency.

Computer Vision at the Edge – Edge AI

Unleash Real-Time Operational Intelligence with Edgility

In today’s data-driven world, real-time insights are essential for optimizing operations and gaining a competitive edge. Edgility, by Telco Systems, empowers your enterprise with a powerful platform for deploying and running computer vision (CV) applications directly at the edge.

Edgility is a powerful platform designed to revolutionize your operations by enabling computer vision (CV) applications to run directly at the edge, on devices, or within your facility. This means video data processing happens locally, eliminating the need for cumbersome data transfers and cloud processing delays. Edgility empowers you to gain real-time visibility into your operations with ultra-fast insights, freeing up valuable network bandwidth for critical applications, all while maintaining complete control and privacy of your sensitive video data.

Edgility Empowering Businesses Across Industries

Discover How Edgility Empowers Industries with Intelligent CV Applications

Proactively identify equipment issues, preventing downtime and ensuring operational continuity.

Implement real-time defect detection, improving product quality and reducing waste.

Monitor work areas for potential hazards and trigger automated alerts for a safer environment.

Gain real-time insights into resource utilization, enabling data-driven decisions for process optimization.

The Edgility Advantage:
Built for Your Enterprise

Edgility stands out from the crowd with its focus on enterprise needs. Designed for ease of use, it simplifies deployment and management, allowing you to effortlessly onboard and manage CV applications across your entire operation. Its scalable architecture seamlessly adjusts to your business size, ensuring smooth operation for companies of all scales. Edgility empowers you through its open architecture, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and third-party CV applications, creating a unified and efficient ecosystem.


Real-Time Insights Hub

Transform your enterprise into a hub of real-time insights with Edgility, your one-stop platform for deploying and running powerful computer vision applications at the edge. 

Empower your Edge Operations

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