How we created a fully automated, low cost uCPE solution for MSPs that also expedites deployment

For service providers, the goals of process automation, lowering costs and accelerating deployments are often contradictory to one another. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) promises this and more with network disaggregation, in which software-based network functions are separated from the underlying hardware infrastructure.

NFV is an important approach for service providers seeking to improve efficiency and drive business. In a recent poll, conducted by TelecomTV’s Ray Le Maistre, asking “Have telcos improved efficiencies and enhanced their business opportunities as a direct result of their NFV investments?” 70% replied YES. However, most NFV solutions, require complex business transformations and multiple system integrations.

At Telco Systems, we believe that every MSP across the globe, large or small, should be able to leverage NFV – reaping the benefits without being dragged back by the complexities. And, we are happy to say that we can deliver on this promise with an integrated uCPE solution based on our NFVTime and an innovative business approach.

Here are the highlights

  1. NFVTime is service-ready out-of-the-box. This means that you won’t have to spend months and even years in integrations. In fact, a recent NFVTime customer launched their service in just 3 months. The solution includes: the NFVTime OS that transforms ANY whitebox into a fully operational uCPE; and NFVTime Central a fully featured uCPE manager and orchestrator (MANO) that provides automation, management, monitoring and troubleshooting for the entire deployment.
  2. To further accelerate deployment and reduce costs, we joined  forces with our partner Clavister. Together, we created an integrated solution that combines NFVTime uCPE with Clavister Security VNF. The Clavister VNF can replace, and even outperform, legacy Big-Iron appliances. It provides carrier-grade performance much like traditional appliances but with the added flexibility of dynamic scale-up and scale-down.
  3. Last, we are offering the bundled solution in a flexible pay-as-you-grow payment model. This innovative payment model minimizes the investment and risk associated with adopting an NFV uCPE business model.

We are committed, not only to bringing the best uCPE solution to the market; but also, to making it accessible to all managed service providers. We realize that the deploying NFV-based managed business services is a decision that must be made on both the technology and business fronts. That’s why we have created a solution that addresses both of these aspects removing integrations and complexity, expediting deployment and minimizing business risks.

Now it’s your turn.

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