Keeping up With the Joneses: Future-proofing your Network Aggregation

As you surely know from your own experience or from what you hear from colleagues, the demand for greater and greater bandwidth and speedier and speedier data transfer is the norm in the telecommunications industry. Service providers are constantly under pressure and tasked with not only keeping up with their competitors, but simultaneously keeping up with their customers’ immediate needs.

It would seem that calls for help like: “I need more…”, “Can’t you improve/speed up/increase my…?” etc., are ever more commonplace. The telco industry must stand by its customers and provide immediate solutions as the needs arise. Preferably they should be able to pre-empt potential complications, or at least be capable of quickly getting up to speed as equipment (and software) upgrades become critical time-factors.

Rising to the Challenge: Creating the Device Everyone Needs

Enterprises are in a seemingly never-ending loop to keep up to the demands of the market, by refurbishing and extending their platforms with heavy investments of equipment that is not initially or at least easily expandable. Thus, in order to be “ready for tomorrow”, they have no choice but to make large initial capital expenditures (CAPEX). This also costs them in significant additional (often unneeded) operating expenditures (OPEX) – until the full potential of the devices is exploited.

Those of us who are out in the field, however, know that what is really needed, is a pay-as-you-grow, rapidly deployable service platform that is both flexible and robust.  However, there is practically none to be found – at least not with the rich set of specs and features that would really make a difference.

With the above issues in mind, we at Telco Systems – with years of experience in the telecommunications industry to back us – rose to the challenge. Knowing that one of the main pain points resides in the edge device known as the CE (Carrier Ethernet) aggregation unit, our forward looking product line managers (PLMs), engineers, and R&D personnel combined their knowhow to tackle this issue. The result is the new high-performance T-Metro 8104: a modular, multipurpose, ultra-high capacity 1.2 Tb service aggregation platform and cloud gateway.

We’re proud to announce that the T-Metro 8104 is the Industry’s first CE2.0 compliant, modular Carrier Ethernet device that offers several plug-in modules, so service providers can expand their and their customers’ system capabilities, as they are needed. Designed from the ground up to meet stringent Industry requirements, the T-Metro 8104 has a compact yet robust chassis with interchangeable modules – a first of its kind – and other advanced features such as:

  • 100GE hardware OAM capabilities
  • Built-in MPLS functionality
  • Hot swappable fans
  • Hot swappable front power supply
  • CPU redundancy (* Roadmap item)

The Power of Flexibility

The interchangeable modules will empower you (and all service providers in the telco field), with the ability to evolve at the pace of your changing corporate challenges. You will have the benefit of optionally expanding your service offerings as needed, while staying within budget, and in line with the overall business strategy.

Learn more about the T-Metro 8104

For more information or consultation to discuss how best to integrate the T-Metro 8104 to solve your networking issues and/or enhance your current architecture, please contact our sales support engineers at: Telco Systems Support

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