uCPE to serve as virtualization infrastructure for Arm Neoverse

Neoverse will enable a new UCPE Solution To Serve As Virtualization Infrastructure and transformative cloud infrastructure designed to support the demands of intelligent devices. The datacenter infrastructure IP portfolio represents the first time that Arm, which is a key player in providing chip technology to the phones and devices market, tries to become a power house in the datacenter market.

As part of the new move, Telco Systems has been selected as a strategic component for Arm’s new Neoverse cloud-to-edge infrastructure. According to Arm, the Neoverse chip designs are tuned for infrastructure products. They’ll accommodate up to 256 processing cores, faster memory interfaces, reliability features, chip-to-chip interconnects, and virtual machine technology to squeeze more work out of computing hardware.

The new NFVTime UCPE solution to serve as virtualization infrastructure will also include a broad ecosystem to enable diverse solutions through innovation for microarchitecture, hardware, software, tools and services.

Building the cloud to edge infrastructure foundation for a world of one trillion intelligent devices will require a broad ecosystem with the technology, expertise, and commitment to transform the internet.

Telco Systems’ NFVTime is a holistic solution for Network functions virtualization (NFV) universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) edge compute. The NFVTime-OS provides the NFVi virtualization software that can turn any Arm or x86-based whitebox device into a carrier-class uCPE, running any virtual network function.

NFVTime includes a uCPE management and orchestration (MANO) that supports zero touch provisioning, deployment automation and services lifecycle management capabilities. The NFVTime solution is optimized to run in the Arm environment utilizing its unique acceleration and security capabilities.

Telco Systems will benefit from the fact that a powerhouse like Arm selected the company as a strategic component of its Neoverse initiative. The move is in line with Telco Systems overall strategy of expanding the company’s offerings, to enable customers enjoy new technologies that deliver higher performance at lower costs as well as an innovative business ecosystem for greater agility to support new business models.

Earlier this year, Telco Systems and Arm announced that the two companies signed a strategic investment and joint development agreement. As part of this collaboration, Telco Systems and Arm are working together to expand the technology partner ecosystem, customer pipeline and other go-to-market activities for the newly developed offerings.

Telco Systems and Arm are focusing on developing NFV virtualization and operational software to support NFV use cases, such as software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN), security and others.

The two companies are also creating an ecosystem for system on chip (SoC) vendors, such as Marvell, Cavium and NXP, white box vendors, virtual network function (VNF) providers and leading service providers.

The partnership between the two companies has already been translated into several requests by leading service providers placing Telco Systems at the forefront of market development in the field of network function virtualization.

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