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T-Marc 3308

T-Marc 3308/H is a first-class quad-tech demarcation device, offering Carrier Ethernet, MPLS and IP (Layer 3), and SDN (NETCONF/YANG). Combining all of these capabilities into one device delivers the most cost-effective solution and provides operators with the flexibility to face any service scenario now and in the future.

T-Marc 3308/H Ethernet/MPLS/IP premium business demarcation device comes with Layer 3 (L3) support and is ready for future SDN-enabled networks. With the right feature blend, T-Marc 3308/H brings the highest available value for cost performance. T-Marc 3308/H is suitable for wholesale and business service providers to connect customers efficiently between sites and the cloud. T-Marc 3308/H enables service providers to choose whether to use Carrier Ethernet network capabilities or MPLS to the edge without additional software costs. In addition, T-Marc 3308/H allows service providers to combine Layer 3 native services together with Layer 2 advanced OAM tools. By supporting SDN, T-Marc 3308/H allows service providers to transition to future SDN-enabled networks smoothly.

T-Marc 3308/H supports IEEE 802.1q, 802.1ad (Q-in-Q), and MPLS transport technologies, providing high flexibility in network design and thus “future-proofing” the network. The device allows access to advanced data services such as virtual private wire services (VPWS), virtual private LAN service (VPLS), and hierarchical VPLS (HVPLS), simplifying the network and making it easier to manage while gaining the added value of MPLS.

T-Marc 3308/H offers excellent value for performance in a compact size (1RU by shelf width), with 4 x 10/100/1000BaseTx and 4 x dual-speed (100M/1G) fiber ports. T-Marc 3308/H comes with an internal power supply (AC or wide-range DC) and an optional external redundant AC power supply.

Product Highlights

  • Premium Carrier Ethernet, MPLS & IP service demarcation device
  • Layer 3 features support: HW-based L3 forwarding with VRF support using a static route, OSFP, and BGP routing protocols
  • Wire speed, full duplex, non-blocking switching
  • Support for the large-scale services using hierarchical QoS (HQoS)
  • Multiple resiliency mechanisms
  • Extensive, field-proven OAM support
  • MEF, IEEE, ITU-T, and IETF standards compliance
  • Multi-vendor interoperable
  • Integrated with EdgeGenie Service Management System – simplifying the full lifecycle of network deployment
  • Small footprint, 1RU height, shelf width
  • Hardened temperature (-40°C to 70°C / -40°F to 158°F)**

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